Shahbaz Noshir

Shahbaz Noshir
Shahbaz Noshir

Writer, Director and Producer

Born 1959 in Iran. Shahbaz Noshir works as freelance photographer, screenwriter, actor and director.

He completed his theater studies in Iran and lives in Germany since 1986. In 1993 he graduated in Berlin in performance theater studies. Since then he has made several documentaries and fictional short films and played in cinema productions. Among others, „Angst isst Seele auf“, which in 2003 was nominated as "Best Short Film" at the Max Ophüls Prize. Already in 2002 the film received the rating "particularly valuable" of the movie rating board Wiesbaden. The film was shown at international festivals, such as 2002, the Venice Film Festival, and was distributed on DVD worldwide.

I have realized my first feature film with the help of many people, the Crowdfunding Campaign and my film crew works largely on a volunteer basis.

The film tells the themes of flight, expulsion and arriving in its very own way. Recent and past German history intertwine to form a new view of a global phenomenon.

An overview of his work can be found here on Wikipedia.

Andreas Meves

Andreas Meves| Puya | The Movie
Andreas Meves| Puya | The Movie

Assistant director and production

Born in 1985 in Trier, he grew up in Oldenburg and lives in Heidelberg and Mannheim since 2005.

Stays in Québec, Ireland and Poland.

In addition to the study of philosophy, history and art history, he realized numerous short film projects as a director, producer and cameraman.



Produced – Shahbaz Noshir and Gülten Öz

Written and directed by – Shahbaz Noshir

Executing the production – Pando diferente

Production management – Servet Akgöbek

Production coordinator – Andreas Meves

Director of photography – Nicolas Mussell, Florian Baumgarten

Editor – Christoph Hensen

Outdoor lighting – Jörg Heinzmann

Composer – Salam Riazy

Sound mixing – Christian Späth

Sound – Lara Falconetti, Christian Späth

Art director – Shahbaz Noshir

Webadministration - Christian Mürner


Shahbaz Noshir – Puya

Matthias Rott – Nimrod

Joana Duyster-Borreda – Anna

Matthias Paul – Matthias

Usama Amin – Usama

Jutta Glaser – Singer

Andreas Bayless – Guitarist

Jürgen List – Man 01

Laszlo Fehér – Man 02

Jobst-Hendrik Schultz – Doctor

Sara Ehsan – Shirin